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Best Fly Fishing Combos – Beginners Buying Guide

So what do you get in a fly fishing combo?

Fly fishing kits in the world of fly fishing are a great addition for those who want to take up the sport.

There are many ways of getting gear throughout your lifetime as an angler one of the easiest ways as a beginner is to buy a fly fishing outfit.

These combos usually come with your fly fishing rod, a fly reel fully loaded with backing, fly line and leader.

Some outfits come with extras like fly boxes, a selection of flies, possibly sunglasses and maybe a few tools like nippers, forceps and attachments for your vest.

As a beginner working out what fly rod to buy what weight of the fly reel and what fly line to use and then matching all these together so you have a balanced outfit can prove to be very daunting.

It is much easier that you buy from our list of Best Fly Fishing Combos.

Best Fly Fishing Combos




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1. Orvis Clearwater Combo

Best Overall Combo

▸Premium Cork Handle

▸Anodised Reel Seat

▸High Performance

▸25 Year Warranty

2. Orvis Encounter Combo

Best Beginner Combo

▸Reasonably Priced

▸Graphite Construction

▸Great Customer Support

▸Entry Level Fishing

3. Piscifun Fly Combo

Best Budget Offer

▸Best on a Budget

▸Limited Warranty

▸Flies Included

▸Travel Friendly

4. Redington Minnow Combo

Best For Juniors


▸Alignment Dots

▸Medium Action

▸Large Arbor Reel

5. Wild Water Salt Combo

Best For Saltwater

▸Saltwater Protected

▸Medium Action

▸Silicon Guides

▸Extension Butt

6. Wild Water Freshwater

Best For Freshwater

▸Loaded with Accessories

▸Medium Action

▸Large Arbor

▸Waterproof Fly Box

So let me tell you more…

These outfits are produced by manufacturers to be already balanced and set up to fish perfectly well which means that the rod loaded with reel and line will sit nicely balanced in your hand ready for the overhead fly fishing cast.

Buying separately will cost more…

It is very easy then for a beginner to take up the sport when the gear that they are fishing with works perfectly.

On the other hand, trying to buy these items separately on your own with very little experience or knowledge can get complicated and you may end up with a kit that doesn’t match and makes the art of overhead casting, Spey casting or roll casting so much more difficult.

There are so many fly lines on the market today along with a multitude of fly fishing reels and rods that trying to match them all together getting the perfect setup is very difficult even for experienced anglers at times.

Line ratings assist us to find the correct rod…

One good thing is now most manufacturers provide a line rating on all their equipment.

For a rod it’s usually on the handle near the butt, they have a little marking telling the angler that the rod is a 5 weight or a 6-7 weight.

This is the same for fly reels that will usually be created or grouped together in weights like three to four or four to five, five to six and so on.

Sometimes you will get a reel that will say 6 to 7 or 6-8 and will offer accepting three different types of fly lines.

These are not so much important as the actual weight of the fly line on the rod.

The reel is usually just a container for the line in the cheaper options anyway but the fly line needs to match the rod to be able to cast properly.

So if your rod says 5 weight then make sure to get a five weight fly line.

All already set up and balanced…

The benefits to buying a fly fishing combo apart from getting the gear are it usually comes with your fly fishing rod and reel fully loaded with backing connected to your fly line and leader.

Usually, some setups now come with fly boxes a selection of flies, possibly sunglasses and maybe a few tools like nippers, forceps and attachments.

Fly fishing combo sets come from anywhere from $60 up to $300,

so read on to find out which is best for you.

As a beginner, I would recommend not spending more than $200 on your first setup.

If you don’t like the sport or find it too difficult to cast and want to give up you will be out of pocket and not likely get much for your gear if you sell it on.

Also, as a beginner you’re going to make mistakes you’re going to drop your rod or reel on the bankside maybe chipping it or damaging it and making a mess so a cheap combo kit is better, so if you do happen to damage it you’re not out a lot of money in replacing it.

When you’re more settled into the sport and have an idea of what you want you could go for a better setup or build one yourself with the experience that you will then have.

OK, we can agree fly fishing combos are a good asset to anybody starting in the sport.

So what about the differences in length and weight?

What type of fly fishing do you intend to do?

Whenever we decide to go for a fly fishing outfit we need to first decide what fishing we’re going to do if as if we are going to do small river fishing then a weight-forward five would be ideal.

However, if you’re going to do Stillwater fishing for trout and you need that extra punch off the shore out into the lake a ten-foot weight forward 7 may be better suited.

If we were fishing from the shore at the sea an 8 weight would be required to get the distance you need from the shore especially in windy conditions.

Most will start their fly fishing experiences from a river so I’ll say the 9 foot 5 weight kit is the best all-rounder and will give you the ability to fish for trout from the banking or a boat fishing on a larger river.

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Fly Fishing Combos Reviewed – Top category over $150

If we consider top-of-the-range items vs beginner items we have to say to ourselves what are we starting fly fishing for?

If you’re going to buy top-of-the-range outfits then you might be better going to the shop and asking them to get you set up properly.

A good stockist will have rods, reels and lines that will be in the upper market and well suited to each other.

Having a conversation will provide enough detail to get them started.

As mentioned before beginners are very weary setting up the reel, how to tie on the backing onto the reel, how to join the backing to the main fly line and how to join the main fly line to the front leader all require knots that all need to be done properly so they don’t break.

This is already done on a combo kit and makes the job so much easier for a beginner.

At the top category, there are fly rod kits over $150 + and ones in this range would be slightly better in materials.

The rod itself will be a little bit lighter more flexible, with a better reel seat, cork handle and guides this all adds to the experience but all comes at a cost.

They also have a fly reel which will have a better drag system better arbor and be nicely finished in an anti-corrosion layer.

A fly line will also be of better quality than ones in the budget or mid-range and some accessories that come would also be better quality giving you a nice kit to start out with.

Let’s have a look and see what’s in the range.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Combo 5wt 9ft

It is very nice to have different rods for different occasions like a rod for nymph fishing, a streamer rod and a dry fly rod.

But such a big collection of the rod is not possible unless you have a huge bank account.

Instead of it, we need to get a few rods that can be used in almost all situations.

That’s especially true of the Orvis clearwater.

It gives the all-around performance and can be used in every condition of fishing.

The first impression of Orvis Clearwater is awesome.

The Orvis fishing company is well known and comes with a full backup team of fly anglers.

This rod is great to use in open river and also good to use in a small stream of the mountain.

Orvis Clearwater rod has a moderate action which offers a beautiful mixture of delicacy and power.

It is relatively easy to execute because of the accurate cast and quick loading.

Along with its medium action, it is very versatile to work, making it an ideal asset for those anglers who needs a single rod that can be used for fishing in different ways like chucking streamers.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Combo

Impressive Rod Features are 

1. Woven Graphite is used for manufacturing the insert. Which makes it more durable and maintenance-free.

2. Its premium cork handle and classy olive-colored blanks are very impressive and make the rod look high-end.

You are going to love this feature if you want a rod with a great look.

3. Anodized aluminum is used for making the reel seat which keeps the reel secure and very sturdy as well and is also lightweight.

Reel Feature are;

  • Powerful inline, Rulon® to stainless, stacked disc drag
  • Easily Interchangeable from right to left
  • High performance, affordable price
  • Cast aluminum machined
  • Large-arbor for speedy line pickup
  • Click-drag knob feels positive

You can check out our mini-review here.


The rod comes with a lifelong warranty of 25 years.

The rod repair program is no questions asked, if you break your clearwater then just send it to the company, they will repair it free of cost.

If the rod is not repairable then the company will replace the rod with equal value.

For replacement, the company will charge a nominal fee of $60 from you.


Rod  9 ft. 5 weight, 4 piece, graphite, half wells, 3.25oz

Rod Outfit Cordura rod tube, 120 Yard of 20lb Dacron Backing, Clearwater LA II Black Reel, Orvis Clearwater Fly Line weight 5 yellow and the Clearwater Fly Rod.

Reel  Anodized aluminum, large arbor, disc drag, 5.5oz

All in all you will love this outfit but at the high end cost maybe not the outfit for a beginner.

However, those with a good budget may want to consider it.

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Redington Vice Fly Fishing Combo

Redington is famous for its high-quality fly fishing gear and accessories.

This is evident in the Redington VICE Fly Fishing Outfit.

Term it classy because of the style it takes.

Definitely, a combo for grabs if you would like to buy an outfit at an affordable price without lowering its quality.

The combo comes with a reel, a leader, Cordura rod tube, a reel case and a RIO Mainstream fly line.

More below on features and specific:

This is a fast action rod with less flex and allows an angler to make long casts and cast well in the wind.

You must have good technique and timing to ace this rod.

Redington Vice Fly Combo

Main features are:

Storage and portability is covered with the Cordura rod tube that had dividers to allow the 4 piece rod section properly and preventing damage.

The machined aluminum seat is anodized to protect it from the effects of corrosion and rust.

This feature makes it great for use in both fresh and salt water environments.

Quite a good thing for beginners, the alignment dots help in setting up the rod.

Stress-free and you certainly need no help here.

Redington pair this rod with its Redington I.D reel that is designed with a large arbor for quick line retrieve and ensure maximum protection to the tippet.

The Rulon disc drag is smooth and strong and makes it more capable for most types of fish and can land up to tarpon size without fail.

Its handle is twin molded and the density is remarkable. Generally, it is soft to touch and offers excellent grip and ease of control.

The I.D reel is pre-spooled with the Mainstream fly line by Rio which is 80 feet, a little short though and has a front welded loop.

Both starters and experts will find this combo interesting.

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Redington Path Fly Combo

Are you looking for a high end combo set for fly fishing that will help get your feet wet and sustain a sizable fish?
If you are, then the Redington Path Fly Combo should be among options you review.

Fly fishing tends to be an expensive endeavor especially if you are just starting out and finding value for money on your combo set may seem unattainable.

However, the Redington Path Fly Combo is designed to provide sufficient backbone and exceptional casting for an improved fly fishing experience.

It is basically an all-water set that casts under medium-fast action so you can easily gain control over how you cast.

If you have been fly fishing for a while, then you know finding a balance between rod weight and backbone (strength) can be a problem.

Most combo sets are highly promoted with flamboyant descriptions but quickly lose their backing once you catch the first fish.

Redington Path Fly Combo

Redington Path Fly Combo is not only lightweight, but has the required sturdiness to help you pull out a sizable catch.

What’s amazing about this is its ability to cast as far as you would desire.

This does not mean it cannot be used for delicate casts.

Quite contrary, it is absolutely fantastic even for the closest casts and quickly adapts to the force applied.

The heavier rods (7 wt) feature reel seats made of durable anodized aluminum while the lighter ones (6 wt and below) use wooden reel seats.

One thing you will love about this combo is its usability.

Besides effortless casting, you are provided with alignment dots that make rod setup quite easy.

The durable (Cordura) rod-tube also comes with inbuilt rod dividers so you can quickly store your rods.

I find the carrying case to be a huge bonus and while many consider this combo perfect for beginners, seasoned fishermen often find it ideal.

It also boasts several positive reviews from online stores like Amazon which is a small insight you can use to differentiate reliable combo sets from others.

Follow the link below to read more info and reviews from real users and learn from their firsthand experiences.


Rod  9 ft. 5 weight, blue, 4 piece, medium fast, graphite, half wells

Rod Outfit Cordura rod tube, 120 Yard of 20lb Dacron Backing, Crosswater Black Reel, Rio Mainstream Fly Line weight 5 yellow and the Path Fly Rod. 9ft 4x leader

Reel  Anodized aluminum, large arbor, disc drag

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Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Combo

If are out there shopping for a good fishing outfit then you need to read this.

I recommend that you try Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Combo set.

First and foremost, the appealing design will catch your sight, as the TFO NXT fly fishing outfit has a nice looking rod that will make your fishing activity an awesome expedition.

The rod is handsome being forest green in color and have a durable cork handle, which is why you should consider the NXT fly fishing combo set especially if you need a guarantee for a long-lasting fishing set.

The outfit comes in various sizes ranging from 8.6” to 9” (inches) for the rod’s length, sufficient for good casting on rivers.

The TFO NXT has a medium fast action made from M6 graphite, that gives the rod flexibility both at the tip and at the middle which means that the rod bends more easily right from the center.

Temple Fork NXT Fly Combo


The medium action capability is a plus on its precision when casting and ideal for anyone beginning the sport.

The kit comes together with a reel travel case that allows you to carry the outfit as a single pack and with utmost ease.

The attached reel is quite serviceable – so you are assured of not running back to the market in a short while, just in case the reel accidentally breaks.

This outfit is easy to learn, hence perfect for those using fly fishing rods for the first time.

The reel is made of stainless aluminum that protects it from unwarranted rusting, leaving your outfit looking good throughout its lifespan.

The NXT Fly Fishing Outfit is lightweight making it highly portable for a perfect experience by fly fishing anglers and is a real gift for both those who are beginning the sport.

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Orvis Encounter 9ft 8 Fly Fishing Combo

If you have just started fishing and are looking for an inexpensive quality fishing rod, the Orvis Encounter 9ft 8 fly fishing combo is highly recommended as it is a well-designed rod which is priced reasonably.

The Encounter fishing rod is designed as an entry level fishing rod for those who have just started fishing large fish, or as a backup rod for anglers whose fishing rod is misplaced or broken.

The 9 feet long fishing rod is using a graphite construction blank, which allows the angler to fish comfortably for a long period of time, without feeling tired.

The 8 weight fishing rod is ideal for fishing larger fish, as it will not be broken or damaged when the fish fight to set themselves free after they bite the bait.

Orvis Encounter Fly Combo

A large diameter encounter arbor fly fishing reel is supplied with the fishing rod in a bag.

The reel can be handled easily so that the fish can be caught conveniently.

The fly line included is the entry-level WF8F line, which can be replaced if required.

The weight-forward trout fly line supplied with the Encounter fishing kit, allows the fly line to be cast accurately when casting for fish over a long distance.

The weight forward fly line is also suitable for transmitted the energy and controlling the fly fishing line.

The dual-tone colored line can be used to easily identify the casting point from a distance.

The fly line has backing fully loaded onto the fly fishing line, and a leader which is professionally designed and includes the necessary accessories required for fishing.

So the Orvis Encounter 9ft 8 fly fishing combo is a complete entry-level fishing kit with 4 different pieces, and most customers are satisfied with the fishing kit, which is good value for money.

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Best Fly Combos Between $100 and $150

The next category is fly rods in between $100 to $150 kits in this range will be slightly better than the budget range in the materials and possibly comes with a few extras.

The fly line will usually be good quality most likely better than the budget range however the quality of the gear will be slightly less than the top of the range as you’d expect.

Materials used will be less impressive however there are good kids in this range that some people may like better than the top of the range combos and each manufacturer has gone down a different path as to how they put together such a kit.

Redington Minnow Kids Fly Combo

Young fly anglers have an outfit to carry to the stream too.

Redington designed this for easier rod management and a relative medium fishing action.

The rod is shorter than the standard length to allow for easy casting.

Upon purchase, the outfit comes with a Crosswater reel pre-spooled with a Rio Mainstream fly line, a Minnow rod and a Cordura rod tube.

At 8 feet, the rod is shorter than the standard length.

This is advantageous to younger anglers since its weight is greatly reduced making it easier to handle and cast.

Redington Minnow Kids Fly Combo

The Cordura tube’s interior is sub-divided to allow proper storage of the 4 piece rod and make transportation easy especially is you have to carry it in a backpack.

Rod set up is quite easy using the alignment dots.

The Minnow rod has a medium action offering versatility, flexibility and performance.

The rod bends moderately – half its length during casting while the other half remains stiff.

The Redington Crosswater reel has a very strong disc drag system to allow stopping power when a fish attempts to run and unreel the line.

The reel can easily convert from the right to the left hand retrieve and vice versa.

Designed with a large arbor, retrieving is quicker and easier compared to the standard and mid-size arbor reels.

The Rio Mainstream line has a short yet powerful front taper to ensure good presentation and turnover.

It is a weight forward line that is slightly heavier for easy casting in several situations.

The front welded loop is bullet proof for fast rigging.

A one year limited one year warranty is cost saving when you need repairs and replacement for your rod or reel.

As long as the circumstances that lead to malfunction are accepted by the manufacturer, you will be sorted.

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Wild Water 7/8 9’ Rod Saltwater Fly Fishing Complete Starter Package

Do you remember sometimes you visit a lake and see anglers there fly-fishing? Did you have that feeling that you wish you could do the same?

Then with the fly fishing combo from wild water you can do exactly that.

A supreme quality product containing all the components you need plus a lifetime warranty on the rod.

At an affordable price, it gives you a complete package of best features with an extra leader, a zinger plus a knot tying tool.

Specific features:

A Black Wild Water Case of length 32″ contains a 9 ft. rod breakable into 4 pieces of 28.75″ It’s an IM8 graphite rod mid flexed with slow action comes with silicon carbide stripper guides.

High-quality handle with compressed cork trim rings and butt extension making the grip easy.

A preinstalled die cast aluminum reel of large arbor design is ready with 30-pound backing, 8-weight floating fly line, and 9 feet 0X leader.

Instruction book: step by step instructions with the diagrammatic presentation is the feature you’ll love for fishing.

The commonly asked questions are answered in this quick reference guide.

With no questions asked Wild Water will either replace your rod or repair it for merely $35.00 by following some simple steps.

Wild Water Salt Fly Combo


Rod: 9 ft. (4 pieces)

Reel: Die Cast Aluminum Sheet

Grip: Full Wells

Flies: 5 comes in Floating And Waterproof Fly Box (capacity up to 372 flies)

Line: 8-weight floating fly line

Backing: Orange Blaze 120 yards, 30 pounds

Leader: 9′ 0X (one preloaded and one extra)

It’s a complete starter package which you can go along with as a rookie or veteran.

Best in its class with stylish and versatile features will give you the best memories of fishing.

Get your own package soon and start fishing!

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Wild Waters Freshwater Fly Fishing Combo Sets

When it comes to fly fishing, finding the right fly rod and reel combo is one of the most difficult choices.

This product, which has everything that you require getting started, ranging from reel, rod, a fly box, zinger, travel case, flies, an instruction booklet and more, comes to the rescue, and, is an easy pick.

The 9 foot rod weights 7/8, and can be effortlessly broken down into 4 pieces for suitable carrying, and, will assist you to learn as well as make it easier to catch fish.

Moreover, its slow action design is perfect for getting perfect casts.

Also, it includes a protective sock and a user-friendly storage case.

Wild Water Fly Combo

The large arbor design reel, preloaded with 30 pound blaze orange backing will offer you the effortless action, which is essential if you wish to be prosperous in fly fishing.

The reel is intended to offer you with a good performance, and, does not over run when stripping off line, also, the line is good.

One of my favorite features of this product is that it comes with a Waterproof, Floating Fly Box, which is 5.25″ x 3.5″ x 1.25″ in size, and, can hold around 372 flies.

It is the best as the rod comes with a lifetime warranty.

The combo is light in weight and easy to carry.

It comes with not merely the flies, but also a spare leader as well as a backing, which enhances the already best deal.

The majority of the customers swore on the exceptional quality of the rod, and it looks good, too.

There are a lot of Amazon reviews about this product, and nearly all are tremendously positive.

In case, you wish to have a look at what other consumers think about this product, click below to see for yourself

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K&E Outfitters Drift Series 8 Weight Fly Combo

K&E outfitters have produced an exceptional combo the SK carbon fast action rod is a silky smooth cast.

The rod has amazing sensitivity right down to high quality cork handle.

The rod guide are made of very high quality and super smooth which helps in effortless casting.

The action on the rod is medium to fast which makes it a perfect fly rod for any level of angler.

Its 8 weight set up makes it perfect for salmon, large bass, steelhead and small saltwater species.

The reel is aluminum die-cast and is equipped with large drag knob that allows easy and quick adjustment.

The arbor is removable allowing quick cleaning and maintenance.

The drag is consistent and very much reliable.

You have a chance to choose either from silver or black finish.

K&E Outfitters Fly Combo

How about the fly line? This is the favorite feature, the weight forward floating line is very easy to spot on the water.

It also has a natural earth tone appearance that does not scream neon. This 150 yards of backing line and 4X tippet makes it perfect.

The rod tube is made with high grade cordura material and is outfitted with adjustable strap, accessories pouch and built in rod sock which makes it to be very durable.

The fly box that is double-sided and waterproof fits perfectly well in both the rod tube pouch and shirt pocket or in your fly vest.

The K&E is perfect in terms of durability, performance and fish ability.

If you’ve not grabbed one yet then you’re the one missing in action.

Experienced users have highly recommended it.

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Redington Crosswater 4 Piece 9ft 5-6

Are you a beginner having trouble on buying the best fishing rod and reel that is not complicated to use with pro qualities and pocket friendly?

Then the Redington Crosswater 9ft 5-6 fly fishing combo is for you. Pro-rigged by the professionals, and designed for beginner and intermediate fly casters, you have nothing to worry about once you have it.

The rod is the first item to consider when shopping for a fly fishing combo.

Redington Crosswater 9ft has a graphite fly rod with a black cotton rod stock with weights available from 4wt to 9wt for your different custom fishing needs.

It comes with medium-fast-action capabilities, making handling it a breeze for the amateurs.

The rod has alignment dots on it for easy rod set up.

Redington have included a long-lasting anodized aluminum reel seat, ideal for fresh and saltwater fly fishing.

Redington Crosswater Fly Combo

It includes a reel pre-spooled with RIO mainstream WF floating fly line, cordura rod tube, dacron backing and RIO tapered leader.

How about the make up on it? The rod has exemplary trim details and cosmetics addons which will make you stand out.

The reel is made of durable composite material that is lightweight, versatile and the spool is easily changeable.

With a large arbor design, retrieving is faster and easier, not to mention the easiness of converting it from a left hand to right-hand retrieve or vice versa.

The strong disc drag system is phenomenal for great fish stopping power

It comes with a bag that is convenient that has pockets and straps for storing your rod and reels safely and securely.

A box is also included to store your flies securely, it is waterproof and easily portable, fits in most fishing vests.

After all is said and done, this is the best fly fishing rod for a beginner and even a pro who just wants a chilled out day without the hustle of setting up, just plug and fly!!

Check Crosswater 4 Combo Amazon Availability
Check Crosswater 4 Combo Web Availability

Wild Water Deluxe Combo

If you are looking for the perfect fly fishing set getting started today then the Wild Water deluxe 9ft 5-6 fly fishing combo is maybe what you need at a reasonable price.

Some of the important features of this starter pack are as follows:

1) It comes with a 9 feet rod that can be dismantled into 4 pieces of 28.75 inches each.

This can then be easily stored in the protective case that is provided with the set.

The fly fishing rod has a lifetime warranty and is made from IM6 graphite, thus assuring you a tough quality product.

Wild Water Deluxe Fly Combo

2) The Wild Water deluxe 9ft 5-6 fly fishing combo has snake guides made of stainless steel and sturdy silicon carbide stripper guides.

The hook keeper of the rod is made of stainless steel which helps you to easily store the fly.

It is easy to handle the rod with the help of the cork grip that comes with a western style and is accented with trim rings that are made of compressed cork.

3) The fly fishing reel is made of die cast aluminum and has a large arbor design.

It comes with a 20lb breaking strain pre-loaded backing and a weight forward size 5 fly line.

The reel is safely secured to the rod by the machined aluminum reel seat, sliding ring and fixed reel hood with the help of 2 locking rings.

This assures a sure attachment at all time while fishing without the fear of it falling apart midway.

4) As always, safety comes first. The set comes with a small fly box with a waterproof seal that keeps the contents dry and features custom designed foam inserts that makes fly storage a breeze.

The set also features a cloth rod bag that is divided into 4 compartments for rod storage.

This rod comes in a black Wild Water case that features a zippered pouch with an outside length of 32 inches.

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Best Fly Fishing combos under $100

Ok the last category is the budget range in this range you have gear that is of less quality than the ones above but still perfectly matched together to provide the beginner with a good basic kit.

Manufacturers have produced these together package them up together as such can usually drop the cost a little bit.

If these items are sold individually the total cost will be slightly higher than the kit as you would expect so the quality of the stuff you’re getting would be slightly better than what you could buy at the same price individually.

Let’s have a look at what some of the budget range has got to offer.

Piscifun Starter Fly Fishing Combo

This amazing product displays the following outstanding features; a 4 pieces 5/6wt 9ft rod, pre-spooled with fly line, arbor reel with drag, stainless steel line cutter, backing and leader, 3 different fly pattern (3/4 dozen) and a fly box, all contained in a nice tube with extended pouch for your accessories.

The fly rod is super lightweight and is 9 foot with a slow action, the size is just perfect for beginners.

This size makes it great for small streams and small trout.

The half wells cork handle aids in casting accuracy and prevents fatigue.

Piscifun Fly Combo

The traditional black fly reel which is 5/6wt is made from die cast premium aluminum alloy.

The amazing smooth click drag offers not only immediate but also accurate drag engagement.

The mid-arbor is designed to reduce line memory and to facilitate the lighting, quick line pickup.

The pre-spooled fly line, leader and backing line will save your time.

The fly box comes with a lanyard, this will allow you to keep it safe on you and not lose it.

The nine flies of three different fly patterns in the box is a great deal and has already been prepared for your fly fishing.

Its stainless steel line clippers are very easy to carry and they’re also durable.

This combo is just very friendly to travel with. The harden case holds everything perfectly well in the package.

Your stuff is kept very safe by the zippered pouch which is at the bottom of the case. Safety is guaranteed.

Repair or replacement for Piscifun starter fly combo is covered within the limited warranty period.

This is a must have fly fishing starter that you shouldn’t miss. No worry to try it out, many users have given out very positive reviews about it.

Check Piscifun Combo Amazon Availability
Check Piscifun Combo Web Availability

Scientific Anglers 5-6 Trout Fly Fishing Outfit

New to Fly fishing or have you been fishing all your life?

Well, the fact of the matter is, regardless of who you are, you would want Scientific Anglers 5/6 WT Trout Fly Fishing outfit in your arsenal of fishing rods.

Scientific Anglers who have been at the forefront of fly fishing technology since 1945 through their rigorous market leading innovation and development presents to you their 5/6WT Fly Fishing Outfit.

A perfect mid size fishing rod for anyone.

Scientific Anglers Trout Fly Combo

It does not matter if you are new to Fly fishing because Scientific Anglers have got you covered with their expertise and high performance product.

The outfit packs a 8’ft6″ high quality graphite rod with a moderate action and a sturdy rod tube, it is a four piece rod, which is very simple to assemble and very easy to pack.

It would be perfect if you are travelling and want your fishing rod to accompany you wherever you go.

The outfit also comes with a preloaded dependable lightweight disc drag reel, so you don’t have to worry about getting the right sized line for your rod.

There is palming rim added to your reel for that extra drag.

Now you know for sure, your catch is not getting way too ahead of you, trying to overrun or reach a log jam.

Scientific Anglers 5/6 WT Trout Fly Fishing outfit comes in two colors, green and tan, choose your pick because both look amazing with a lot of attention to detail.

You would know if you have been fishing for sometime now.

The price is more than justified for what it has got to offer, it is worth every penny, a real bang for your buck.

Trout fishing could not have been made any simpler.

So get your fly fishing career started with the Scientific Anglers 5/6 WT Trout Fly Fishing outfit.

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Net Angler 8ft 5-6 Fly Fishing Combo

If you are looking for an affordable fly fishing combo for you then Net angler 8ft 5/6 Fly combo is the product of choice.

What we look for in a fly fishing set is its durability, lightweight, easy to carry and its cost.

This product meets all of those expectations. Here we are going to talk one by one about the rod and reel specifications.

NetAngler Fly Combo

Impressive features of the fly fishing rod:-

Fly rod comes with 4-piece. With basic length 8′ and breakdown length of 27″.

Fly fishing rod is made of the carbon, which makes it easy to carry and you will not fatigue easily.

The rod handle is made of cork for comfortability and the reel seat is simple and firm.

The reel seat is adjustable and made of aluminum and has two locking nuts.

The guide ring is manufactured with high-grade stainless steel, which is harmless to the fishing line.

The guides made of chromated steel reduces the friction and hence heat production.

The rods weight is reduced without making any compromise with the durability of the fishing rod.

It is because of the increased fiber density by molding with high pressure.

The strong layered construction with the graphite reduces the weight and increases the performance and durability, which makes every one of us love this fishing rod.

Features of Reel:-

The weight of the reel is light at 5.2 oz which is designed for balancing of lightweight fly fishing rods.

Line stacking is less and retrieval rate is high.

The reel is made of aluminum alloy which makes it more corrosion resistant in all of the environment and more durable.

The surface is anodized for protection and resistant from corrosion.

It is very easy to interchange between left and right hand.

Smooth Drag:- The gear ratio is 1:1. The Roller Bearing system is one way only, which is favorable for immediate and smooth drag engagement.

Disk drag is designed with superior Teflon.

Included in the package:-

  • One fly fishing Rod
  • One fly fishing Reel
  • One preinstalled WF5 fly fishing line
  • 16 flies in a waterproof fly box
  • The case can carry everything that is included in the package.

This fly fishing combo by Net Angler has good reviews and well received by the anglers who have used it. A great setup for the beginner on small rivers or child starting out.

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FAQ’s on the Best Fly Fishing Combos

What is the best fly rod and reel combo?

  • Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Combo 5wt 9ft
  • Sage Foundation Fly Fishing Combo
  • Redington Vice Fly Fishing Combo
  • Scientific Anglers Ampere Fly Combo
  • Redington Path Fly Combo
  • Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Combo
  • Orvis Encounter 9ft 5 Fly Fishing Combo

What is the best fly fishing combo for beginners?

  • Wild Water Deluxe Combo
  • Orvis Encounter 9ft 5 Fly Fishing Combo
  • Redington Vice Fly Fishing Combo

Is fly fishing an expensive hobby?
It can be if you go for top brands and get all the gear but anyone can fly fish on a budget. Buying a starter combo a few flies can have you up and running for about $100.

Do you catch more fish fly fishing?
Not necessarily, as a decent angler can catch with any discipline. However, fly fishing does allow you to target many species quickly and once you get into it catching can become easier.

What size fly fishing rod should I get?
If just starting out a 9ft 5 weight is a decent rod as you can just as easily fish with dry flies, streamers or nymphs.

Conclusion so there you have it fly fishing combos of all types and sizes.

As I said previously a kit that is basic which just comes with the rod, reel and fly line is ideal for anybody on a budget.

It will get them started all you need is leader material and a few flies and you can get going.

If you are looking to buy a gift for somebody who’s new to the sport then you can go for a kit that has got the rod, reel, line and some of the accessories and a bag to carry it all in.

That way they have it all to start however this will cost a little bit more than the basic gear.

Those of you who may have done a bit before and want to go and buy a second outfit for backup or a decent outfit to replace your current combo then expect to pay above $150.

In that combo you will get a better quality rod reel and fly line which will last you a lot longer than some of the more basic setups.

I believe that anything on here is worth a look and will do what is expected under its price tag.

If you have any further question on these combos then drop us a line or add a comment and I will come back to us as best I can.




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